Fees Agreements

Exchange fees share agreements

How It Works?

TradeGDT exchange connectors intergrate with the API of a cryptocurrency exchange in order to expose standardized date format and endpoint to TradeGDT strategies (automated processes that interact with exchange APIs) that are created and configured by users.Since exchange APIs vary widely , these connectors allow anyone to run AI bots across multiple exchanges without requiring engineering on low-level exchange API intergrations.

Thus Far, FintraDao Ai lab has build many of the connectors in the TradeGDT codebase , and it has agreements and contracts with many of the connected exchanges that rebase a portion of fees incurred by the trading system, measured via unique identifiers in API request executed with the tradegdt software, to fintradao Ai lab.

In the future, the foundation plans to negotiate and enter into similar agreements with new exchange for connectors.To support the foundation and the fintradao community , Fintradao Ai lab also plans to remit to the foundation all income from its existing agreements, or assign them to the foundation. The foudantion antipates using this income to compensate community maintainers for their services.

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