Governance Empowered

Fintradao Foundation introduces a powerful system that empowers FintraDAO token holders (FGT) to govern the future of FintraDAO. FGT tokens hold the key to an exhilarating opportunity the ability to influence the evolution of the AI trading data system through voting on proposals. Holders will shape the platform's direction, introducing exciting features and refining transaction fee structures over time.

But that's not all! FGT holders can also propose and vote on improvements, driving architectural changes, prioritizing enhancements, and resolving any bugs that arise. Additionally, they have a say in modifying the governance system and allocating funds to impactful grants programs.

The foundation plays a pivotal role in this decentralized and democratic ecosystem. With the FintraDAO AI software license, it maintains commit access to the code repository, ensuring continuous innovation and collaboration. Strategic partnerships fortify the platform, while official software releases, updated documentation, and dedicated user support guarantee an exceptional experience. The foundation's meticulous management of the FGT token treasury and valuable assets optimizes resource allocation and nurtures sustainable growth.

We stand at the cusp of an extraordinary era, where FintraDAO token holders wield the power to shape the platform's destiny. This fusion of cutting-edge technology and democratic governance heralds a thrilling adventure in reshaping the world of AI-powered trading. The future of FintraDAO rests in your hands, ready to be molded by your passion and vision. Join us as we embark on this momentous journey, empowering and transforming the landscape of AI-driven trading.

In order to enable decentralized maintenance and democratic governance of the FintraDAO codebase , the foundation plans to engage in the following functions:

  • own the FintraDAO AI software license and maintain commit access to the fintradao Ai code repository;

  • Enter into connector maintenance agreements and others partnership with sponsors;

  • Publish official FintraDAO Ai software release, update FintraDAO documentation , and support the user base; and manage the treasury of FGT token and others assets.

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